Kiara Half & Half Bracelet
Kiara Half & Half Bracelet $50.00 USD
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Kiara Cocktail Hour Necklace
Kiara Cocktail Hour Necklace $96.00 USD
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Animal Half & Half Bracelet
Animal Half & Half Bracelet $50.00 USD
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Animal Cocktail Hour Necklace
Animal Cocktail Hour Necklace $96.00 USD
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Our African Trade Bead Backstory

March 03, 2015

There we were in the parking lot out behind our studio on a freezing cold day in December checking out what the guy who knocked on our door was selling out of his van. Shady? Safe? Legit? Completely safe and legit. We were more than happy to see Ebrima Sillah of Bead Paradise II in Oberlin, Ohio, who swung by with TONS of beautiful, handmade African trade beads. In the cold, we peered into the many tubs of beads in the van and picked a few to bring inside. And that’s when the fun began! We were in hog heaven as Ebrima pulled out strand after strand of the most gorgeous beads. And, we learned so much from him about...

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Thanks for the Memories, MJ

February 13, 2015

Every year around Valentine’s Day, I think back to about how She Beads got started and marvel at our journey over the last 22 years. So, just thought I’d share… It was 1993 and I was on the medical team for the Chicago Bulls as an X-ray technician. One day, I was chilling in the locker room making beaded bracelets for a fundraiser at my kids’ grade school. Just a hobby for me, using beads out of a catalog and stored in my basement. So, Michael Jordan walks by and says “Hey, Sandy, make me some beads.” I tried to resist, but really, who can resist Michael Jordan. ;-) So, quick-like-a-bunny, I got serious about learning how to make my...

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