Online Webinar: Jupiter in Sagittarius (Nov. 8 & 9, 2018)

  • Live webinar workshop, November 8, 1:01 pm CST or November 9, 6:01 pm CST


     Is your Sun, Moon or Rising sign in Sagittarius, or are you looking to begin the new year with inspired growth, positivity and bliss? If so, this workshop is for you...

    Workshop cost includes:

    • 3-hour zoom webinar with Sandy discussing the impact of Jupiter in Sagittarius
    • A personal talisman bead made for you, during the workshop in which Sandy will roll your affirmation into the bead
    • Personalized and printed affirmation card 
    • Your natal chart with current transits and a special message from Sandy with personal guidance and direction
    • Customized Mala- hand-strung, knotted, & blessed in Bali, Indonesia and all of the hand assembly and shipping charges. You will receive your Mala 6-8 weeks after the workshop
    • A recording of the workshop to review the information, or in case you miss the workshop!

    Your personalized mala will be made in Bali with 108 rudraksha beads, the intention bead that is made during the workshop by Sandy containing the energy of Jupiter in Sagittarius as well as your personal affirmation plus the tassel of your choice.

    Rudraksha seed beads are the oldest known prayer beads on the planet. They are believed to be the tears of Shiva, the most powerful tool in the quest of self-empowerment and enlightenment. In addition, they can help:

    • Increase clarity, memory and awareness
    • Calm the nervous system, quiet the mind
    • Bring peace, reduce fear and dissipate fear
    • Protect the wearer against negative forces and guide them to follow their karmic pattern

     *Please use the promo code FREESHIPPING when registering


  • How to find your bracelet size:

    Measure between your wrist bone and hand with a tape measure or string. This is your actual wrist size, not your bracelet size. Add to your wrist size in order to find out your approximate bracelet size (usually by adding a ½-¾ inch). The more you add to your wrist size the looser your bracelet will fit, allowing for more movement.

    • For a snug fit: add ¼-½ inch
    • For a more average fit: add ¾-1 inch
    • For a loose fit: add an inch or more

    How to find your necklace size:

    The most accurate way to find your desired length, use a string to mimic the desired length. Then add ½ - 1 inch to give some room for the beads. Longer sizes are available, please contact us for more information.



    Children's 5 - 5.5 in
    Extra small 6 - 6.25 in
    Small 6.5 - 6.75 in

    7 -7.25 in


    7.5 - 7.75 in

    Extra large

    8 - 8.25 in

    XX large

    8.5 - 9 in


    Extra small

    14.5 in


    Small 15.5 in


    Medium 16.5 in


    Large 17.5 in


    Extra large 18.5 in
    XX large 20 in

    Ankle Bracelets

    Extra small 7.5 in
    Small 8 in
    Medium 8.5 in
    Large 9 in
    Extra large 9.5 in
  • Have you ever wondered what those symbols mean on the intention beads items? Here is the key! 






    Identity, Ego, Self-Image

    Moon Emotions, Feelings, Thoughts
    Mercury Thoughts, Communications, Intelligence
    Venus Love, Beauty, Money
    Mars Action, Initiative, Aggressiveness
    Jupiter Abundance, Optimism, Luck
    Saturn Restriction, Discipline, Lessons
    Uranus Brilliance, Uniqueness, Unexpected
    Neptune Illusion, Creativity, Consciousness
    Pluto Power, Transformation, Destiny




    Assertive, Impatient, Forceful


    Solid, Sensual, Stubborn


    Witty, Two-Sided, Quick


    Nurturing, Sensitive, Protective


    Bold, Courageous, Charismatic


    Meticulous, Systematic, Obsessive


    Balanced, Fair, Diplomatic


    Deep, Passionate, Reclusive


    Opinionated, Enthusiastic, Idealistic


    Reasonable, Organized, Mature


    Liberated, Brilliant, Individualistic


    Compassionate, Mystic, Spiritual


    Aspects & More

      Conjunct Working together
    Opposite Opposites seeking balance in the middle
    Square Tension between two points of view, two paths
    Trine Free-flowing and easy
    Sextile Opportunity to act
    Retrograde Reviewing or seemingly going backwards

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