Constellation Bracelet + Workshop

  • Up until this point each Intention Bracelet has been made during 1 astrological transit, meaning the entire bracelet is made with one energy to support a single intention. What is so exciting about this Constellation Bracelet is that we will be capturing 12 different auspicious transits in 1 bracelet and you will be able to identify which bead was made during each transit. In addition to a powerful bracelet, you also get the following:
    • A 60 minute reading with Sandy Rueve, where Sandy explains how each transit affects you personally
    • 12 zoom video calls (~60 mins each) in which Sandy will explain the energy from the transit. You will be virtually present with her as she makes your bead- these calls will be recorded so you can view at your leisure if you miss a call. A 13th call will take place after you receive your bracelet.
    • Before the first call, you will receive a welcome package. Inside is your workbook that includes all the dates, times, charts, and as well as space for your personal notes and affirmations. The welcome package also includes your gratitude bead fastened with a lobster claw, which you can add to your bracelet once you receive it. 
    • Learn how to take the best advantage of current planetary transits, both welcomed & challenging in your daily life
    • Winter Solstice starts during the new moon, November 26
    Here are the dates of the calls. Reminders and log-in information will be sent prior to the calls. Each call is recorded with a private link to watch if you have missed or want to recapture the moment. 
    DATES: Coming soon
      #1 Tuesday, Nov 26,  2019
      Tuesday, Dec 3,  2019
      Sunday, Dec 8,  2019
      Friday, Dec 13,  2019
      Sunday, Dec 15,  2019
      Saturday, Dec 21,  2019
      Sunday, Dec 22,  2019
      Friday, Dec 27,  2019
      Monday, Dec 30,  2019
      Monday, Jan 13,  2020
      Saturday, Jan 18,  2020
      Tuesday, Jan 28,  2020
    • How to find your bracelet size:

      Measure between your wrist bone and hand with a tape measure or string. This is your actual wrist size, not your bracelet size. Add to your wrist size in order to find out your approximate bracelet size (usually by adding a ½-¾ inch). The more you add to your wrist size the looser your bracelet will fit, allowing for more movement.

      • For a snug fit: add ¼-½ inch
      • For a more average fit: add ¾-1 inch
      • For a loose fit: add an inch or more

      How to find your necklace size:

      The most accurate way to find your desired length, use a string to mimic the desired length. Then add ½ - 1 inch to give some room for the beads. Longer sizes are available, please contact us for more information.



      Children's 5 - 5.5 in
      Extra small 6 - 6.25 in
      Small 6.5 - 6.75 in

      7 -7.25 in


      7.5 - 7.75 in

      Extra large

      8 - 8.25 in

      XX large

      8.5 - 9 in


      Extra small

      14.5 in


      Small 15.5 in


      Medium 16.5 in


      Large 17.5 in


      Extra large 18.5 in
      XX large 20 in

      Ankle Bracelets

      Extra small 7.5 in
      Small 8 in
      Medium 8.5 in
      Large 9 in
      Extra large 9.5 in
    • Have you ever wondered what those symbols mean on the intention beads items? Here is the key! 






      Identity, Ego, Self-Image

      Moon Emotions, Feelings, Thoughts
      Mercury Thoughts, Communications, Intelligence
      Venus Love, Beauty, Money
      Mars Action, Initiative, Aggressiveness
      Jupiter Abundance, Optimism, Luck
      Saturn Restriction, Discipline, Lessons
      Uranus Brilliance, Uniqueness, Unexpected
      Neptune Illusion, Creativity, Consciousness
      Pluto Power, Transformation, Destiny




      Assertive, Impatient, Forceful


      Solid, Sensual, Stubborn


      Witty, Two-Sided, Quick


      Nurturing, Sensitive, Protective


      Bold, Courageous, Charismatic


      Meticulous, Systematic, Obsessive


      Balanced, Fair, Diplomatic


      Deep, Passionate, Reclusive


      Opinionated, Enthusiastic, Idealistic


      Reasonable, Organized, Mature


      Liberated, Brilliant, Individualistic


      Compassionate, Mystic, Spiritual


      Aspects & More

        Conjunct Working together
      Opposite Opposites seeking balance in the middle
      Square Tension between two points of view, two paths
      Trine Free-flowing and easy
      Sextile Opportunity to act
      Retrograde Reviewing or seemingly going backwards

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