2014 Mother's Day Gift List

Perfect present for new moms
For everything that our Mothers, Moms, Mommas, Mommys, and Madres have done for us, what is the best gift to show our love and admiration? As THE busiest time of the year for our company, mom's have clearly voted She Beads as a great present for Mother's Day. We find that the best way to say 'thank you' is with a unique, handmade Mother's Day present. And we don't mean a macaroni picture frame or finger paints (leave that to the little ones). Artistically challenged? Not to worry because we can take care of both the 'hand-made' and 'unique' presents for you. Here is a unique gift list for all types of moms!

New Moms

Mother of Pearl! A new bundle of joy can be a handful. Treat your new mommy to a wrist keychain, a functional piece of jewelry that keeps house and car keys at your fingertips when your hands are full (examples above and below). Another perfect new mom item is a beautiful pink and pearl bracelet that features an adjustable clasp.

Sparkly Moms

Lots of moms love bling. Whether sparkly in spirit or blinged-out head-to-toe, they seem to add sparkle to just about everything. Give her any of our bracelets that feature quality Swarovski crystals in many different colors.

Trendy Moms

Somehow these kind of mothers never need to ask what style is 'in,' because they are already wearing it! Effortless style can really feel effortless when you find the right accessories. All of our jewelry is easy to wear and always in style (Do beads ever go out of style? We don't think so either).

Earthy Moms

After she is done in the garden, an earthy mom never forgets the beauty of Mother Nature. Browse through our patterns and you will find tons of flowers- they're a huge inspiration to the millefiori art process. Also, earthy moms love our orbit necklaces, a pendant necklace with power!

Sporty Moms

Running, biking, driving between soccer practices, and later watching the latest sports highlights? Sport-savvy mommas need durable jewelry that is easy to wear! Give your motivated momma some of our durable & easy to wear jewelry. Make it easy for her to wear some color with post earrings or an earth bracelet.

Survivor Moms

Heart disease, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer are all tough battles for women. All survivors are courageous fighters and should be celebrated. Make sure to check out Intention Beads for moms who could use a little extra support in hard times.

Not-too-sure Moms… Get her a gift certificate!

Gift Certificates for unique colorful jewelry