About Us

Sandy Rueve

Sandy Rueve is the founder of She Beads, the hand-rolled clay bead jewelry company. Her company's 24 year history spans from its simple “basement beginnings” to its world wide branding. Sandy's innate entrepreneurial spirit has now been married to her astrological interests in the form of Intention Beads. Sandy has been studying Astrology for the past 15 years and is passionate about sharing her knowledge of this fascinating subject “ I'd been searching for a way to combine these two loves of mine, my beads and astrology” says Sandy. “My customers have been telling me for years that these beads have a powerful energy!”

The process produces a tangible token, a talisman, that embodies the intention. Through her artistry, imagination and conviction Sandy acts as the conduit between the energy present at the time of astrological transits and her beads. In essence, she rolls “power” into her creations. So perhaps there is a certain validity to her customers claims. Whatever you believe, one thing's for sure, Sandy's dedication to her artistry and core desire to help heal people reveals itself beautifully through the “heavenly” endeavor, know as Intention Beads.


What are Intention Beads?

The beads used for our Intention Bead bracelets are hand-rolled and one-of-a-kind. They are designed and hand-made by designer and business woman Sandy Rueve, founder of She Beads. They are produced at precise times that directly correlate to specific, auspicious planetary transits. Astrologically speaking, the production of Intention Beads bracelets are subject to a very small celestial window of time. 

Once that time has passed, it is gone forever! Intentions are as varied and individual as the people seeking them. Each Intention Bead bracelet will include an intention and affirmation card for the particular action, along with instructions to help you manifest the power of your intention. 

Examples of intentions include, but are not limited to: