Mother's Day Guide

She Beads' Best Gifts for Mom

If we could only buy our Mothers a gift to thank them for all that they do, still do, have done, and will do for us. WE LOVE MOMS! Half the time we forget all the wonderful/gross things that they have done for us... dirty diapers anyone? And how about all those life lessons that we've tried to get right... even today. So, consider this list a small guide to thanking Mom for all those lunches she packed. 


So, let's begin. Where can you always find mom?

In the garden:

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At the Blackhawks game:

In her new meditation room:


Running errands:


At the next fundraiser:


With her girlfriends:

Hmmm... She's quite one-of-a-kind: 

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Alexandra Rueve
Alexandra Rueve


Alex graduated with her marketing degree from Quinlan School of Business. She loves strategy at and away from work. Outside of the bead world, she is usually playing pool. "I think strategy is as critical to marketing as it is to playing pool. You must have strategy to win the game, and always be planning your next shots while lining up."

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