About He Beads

Andrew and Alex

In 1993, basketball legend Michael Jordan requested a hand-rolled clay bead bracelet from beadmaker, Sandy Rueve. Soon after, his teammates were requesting their own one-of-a-kind bead bracelets and He Beads was born. He Beads are designed exclusively for men in a variety of colors and handmade patterns. Durable and waterproof, He Beads make style simple and unique. He Beads are made in Chicago, Illinois and is a 100% Made in America company!

Andrew, 30, has taken on the role of CEO of He Beads.  Utilizing his business degree from Seton Hall University, Andrew maintains a watchful eye on daily operations, with strict attention to detail.  In addition, he straddles the creative side of the business as well. With a fresh, contemporary viewpoint, Andrew has spearheaded a plan to invigorate and reintroduce the HE Beads line back into the company. "I have worn them since I can remember which is why I plan to focus on growing the culture of male accessories."  Andrew possesses a strong entrepreneurial spirit and keen sense of the potential that this unique enterprise holds.  He exhibits a fierce dedication to moving his business in new directions that will ensure the continued success of He Beads.At 24 years of age, Alex, like her Mom, has developed a distinctive personal style, due in part to the creative influences she has experienced with the He Beads culture.  Alex has now partnered with her brother to take He Beads into the future by redefining the culture once again for a new generation of He Beads customers.  Her integral work on revamping and revitalizing the company's outdated, gargantuan website has already increased her company's web presence, visibility and productivity.  Alex also serves as a cane designer.  Canes, are the tediously, hand-crafted clay designs that adorn every bead the company produces, she has been perfecting this craft since she was a child.  In addition to her commitment to He Beads, Alex is simultaneously working on her degree in Business Management at Loyola University in Chicago.  Her strong work ethic and creative sensibilities seem to be the renewable resources that have helped fuel the evolution of the He Beads brand.

The Rueve family has built a successful company through hard work, perseverance, and collaboration. These qualities serve as the foundation of their business.  In response to a core belief of giving back, He Beads had partnered with selected charities and has developed what they call The Charity Bead Collections®.  These collections reflect their collective dedication to the personal struggles of others, that they fight with passion and conviction.  "Our purpose isn't just to donate proceeds, but to become an advocate for education, to grow awareness, and connect people with similar experiences," explains Sandy.

In the nearly 18 years since the company's inception, Sandy and her family have traveled across the country and internationally to spread the She Beads name and its unique culture.  In their travels they have listened to thousands of people share their He Beads stories.  Like the tiny beads they string, He Beads bring these people and their stories together.  One person's connection to He Beads can result in powerful relationships that ultimately offer comfort, hope and solidarity within a common experience.  It is truly a testament to one family's mission to touch others deeply through their life's work.